about joao

about joao

Luis Mauricio Málaga is the driving force behind Joao, a musical project that seamlessly blends his Peruvian roots with the vibrant energy of the United States. His journey from Peru to the American stage is a testament to artistic authenticity, determination, and a passion that knows no boundaries.

Growing up in a household where music was more than just sound, it was a way of life, Luis Mauricio was surrounded by the echoes of melodies and chords. The guitar strings and punk culture of his father’s bands left an indelible mark, igniting a flame for music that would burn brightly throughout his life.

In a twist of fate during a period of uncertainty, Luis Mauricio discovered an innate talent – the ability to craft an entire album. However, recognition in a society often governed by connections was elusive. Destiny led him to the United States, a place where his musical journey found new horizons.

On American soil, his compositions found resonance among fellow musicians, producers, and music enthusiasts. Applause that had been a distant dream became a reality, affirming his dedication to his craft.

Yet, this journey wasn’t devoid of challenges. The societal constraints he left behind in Peru were replaced by new obstacles in a different cultural landscape. Nevertheless, his authenticity remained intact, a testament to his unwavering commitment to his artistic vision.

Integral to this musical endeavor is Luis Miguel Peña, the bass guitar virtuoso who collaborates with Luis Mauricio in Joao. Together, their musical chemistry adds depth and dimension to the band’s distinctive sound.

Before Joao, Luis Mauricio’s pursuits ranged from journalism to photography, alongside dreams of history and archaeology. However, music’s allure proved irresistible. Joao encapsulates his creative autonomy – he’s the composer, performer, and producer, all rolled into one.

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